From our humble beginnings that span more than 40 years ago with the formation of our core business as an importer and exporter of garments and textiles, we have grown and expanded substantially. Today, Goldtex operates four different business units that span the areas of home furnishing, furniture, garments, and property development and investments.

Today, we’re proud to be an industry leader based right in the heart of Malaysia. With a diversified business model, we remain confident in our knowledge, our level of expertise, and our level of innovation within each unique sector. And with a global reach that allows us to deliver our products all around the world to established business markets in the US, the EU, ASEAN, China, India, and the Middle East, we strive for continued growth with every new venture.

Our clientele encompasses leading department stores, supermarkets, interior design outlets, government departments, and a number of international textile stores located in cities and countries all throughout the world. With a large target market, we know just how to leverage our knowledge and expertise to not only strive for an exceptional customer experience, but to actually guarantee one.

You see, this is just who we are – and it’s exactly who we’ve always been.