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Here at Goldtex, we know just how important finding the right home furnishings can be – in essence, the objects, textiles, furniture, and upholstery that we place into our homes become more than simple design aesthetics. Instead, they become part of our identity.

As your premiere wholesaler and retailer for all of your home furnishings, furniture, and upholstery needs, we’re ready to help our clients – whether wholesale or retail – find the right home products that seamlessly align with their identity. From there, they can truly bring their space to life.

Goldtex is more than just a home furnishings wholesaler and retailer – we are a group of companies that specialize across a wide range of industries, including wholesale and retail, distribution, manufacturing, furniture, and property development and investment.

Based in Malaysia, we’re located right on the cusp of the world’s largest logistics and supply chain hub, which allows us to expand our reach to nearly every corner of the globe.

The Biggest Success Yet

Here at Goldtex, we're proud that nearly 70% of our revenue comes directly from our Home Furnishings division. We're a premiere leader in the distribution of OEM home furnishings for some of today's largest international department stores and supermarkets - including stores like AEON, Giant ,TESCO, Mydin, and more.

Wherever you are in the world, you can rest assured knowing that Goldtex is poised to deliver.

Delivering Quality

For us, nothing is more important than upholding the very highest quality standards in the industry. You see, providing a quality product is the key towards achieving a quality experience. From the materials that we use to craft our home furnishings, to the level of service and support that our buyers and customers receive throughout their order and purchase process, we're constantly focused on delivering on our promises.

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Do you have a question about Goldtex, our services, or our products? Reach out to us directly and a member of our team would be more than happy to do everything they can to best assist you. Remember, we’re dedicated towards providing all of our customers with an exceptional experience – we’re always willing to help.